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Black Ops Aviation

Welcome to Black Ops Aviation, an aerial filming company

-Here are some videos from our projects that include clients such as:

- Discovery Canada

- Sony

- Blade

- Amazon

- Extra

- Good Day LA

- Discovery




- Netflix

We do drone work too!

Blue Origin operating from a small town with big dreams.

Blue Origin is pioneering new horizons.

Aaron Fitzgerald, stunt pilot for Red Bull, performs at the Hangar 24 Airfest in Redlands, CA

Aaron Fitzgerald perfecting his routine prior to Air Show season

Took the best aerial photographer with us on a trip to look at the 8 prototype walls built by President Trump

Commercial for Fly Blade LA. Quickest way to travel around Los Angeles and avoid all the traffic!

Aerials for the show 9-1-1 on Fox, flying through downtown LA before having to make an emergency landing on a golf course!

Providing the first up close aerial footage of Blue Origin's capsule landing safely back to Earth

Enjoying a flight up the coast in a Cirrus...

Lauren Sanchez-Whitesell guest hosting on Good Day LA showing some awesome footage Black Ops has captured

Getting some footage of Dodger Stadium before the big game!

Who wouldn't want to jump out of Huey from 10,000 feet??!!

Love to practice jumping out of the huey!